Just few miniutes ago, I told Zero that I could not play the Online Game with him in the nearly future, for somethings should be thought clearly.

It's the third or fourth day since my vacation has begun, like the same of every vacation before, when time is about 15 min to 3 o'clock, I still not want to sleep. I want to view the worldwild and I read and estimate what people thinking and feeling, to let me fly upon the world. To me, in that process I almost could feel the onrush of bits rushing into my brain via my eyes, and I could imagine that I am in the ocean composed by souls.

Yet life is not like that.

In the Invisible Cities by Calvino, Marco Polo described such fanciful cities, one by one flourished on the earth, but the Khan just only in his palace and the Venice is the Marco Polo's only hometown. I just thinking about why I still write this essay persist with my poor English? Maybe, in my lifelong road I'll no more chances to write something in English. The truth is, something will be changed, and I not want to so.

So, I want to do what, and what I not want to be?